Stephan Vouillamoz


Stephan Vouillamoz, painter and plasterer

Stephan, why do you like this profession ?

My profession, I love it ; but I’ve come to love it over time. After leaving the last school classes in the 1970s, there wasn’t much choice, except for building trades. I chose one, a bit by chance. I did a training course, and it was to be a painter. My passion for painting has come later. I’ve always been interested in the artistic side of the job and when I set up as a painter in Les Diablerets I found great satisfaction in it.

Restoring the verses that one finds written on old chalets, after careful research to find the missing words or phrases, erased over the years by the sun, is very satisfying. I’ve always been fairly dexterous with my fingers, not so much a passion for artistic drawing (which I regret), but for precise work with a paintbrush and technical design : I think that’s what’s influenced my choice and I certainly don’t regret it.

For the last fifteen years that I’ve been established in Les Diablerets I have been very fulfilled. I’ve been able to take some specific courses on certain techniques that I could apply directly in certain buildings.

The apprenticeship to be a painter takes three years.

I try to direct young people who are starting a double apprenticeship, that’s to say the apprenticeship to become a painter and plasterer which takes four years.

1865 Les Diablerets

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Translation : Gordon Douglas