Ami Nicollier


Ami Nicollier, locksmith

Ami was born on the 1st of May 1921 in Les Aviolats, near Vers-l’Église.

After his apprenticeship as a locksmith in Lausanne, he was able to buy a property in Le Rosex, luckily situated right by the river, which proved indispensible for one of his inventions : water-driven power generators. After having created three of these in Les Mosses he went on to construct about sixty across the world.

At his own home, «his» river has been producing electricity for a long time. He has been lucky to be independent all his life, in this respect, too.

His training and especially his spirit of invention have permitted him to ignore routine. Car mechanic, expert in all sorts of locks, heating systems, hydraulic rams and, of course, water-driven power stations.

His little eyes, full of mischief, demonstrate unceasing curiosity, proving that age is not a factor when you have deep interest in and passion for what you do.

Atelier mécanique

Le Rosex

1864 Vers-l’Eglise

024 492 31 17

Translation : Gordon Douglas