Eric Fontana

Eric F

Eric Fontana, bank clerk

Why do you work for a bank and what led you to this career ?

It’s partly through family tradition : my mother and two uncles worked in a bank. What’s more, I had the opportunity of doing my apprenticeship in Les Diablerets, which for me was paramount. I’m very attached to the area. With my CFC (Certificat Fédéral de Capacité, or Swiss Skills Certificate) in my pocket, and having completed my military service, I worked for three years at a branch in Villeneuve, whilst continuing to live here in Les Diablerets. When a position became free here I leapt at it. I have been here since 2001 and all is well.

It gives me immense pleasure to work on the till and I know all the customers. By working where I live I can see a lot of my wife and daughter : it’s my ambition to combine work and family. I have an acquaintance who earns a very good living in a bank, but doesn’t benefit from it : he gets home at ten o’clock at night and leaves for work again at six o’clock the next morning. He sees his children only on Sundays. That’s not for me !

My job is fascinating because it’s so varied. As a cashier I have to be a generalist and know something of everything, so as to be able to respond to clients and pass them on to the banking specialists they require. I’m also responsible for training apprentices and I love to convey what I know to youngsters who are starting their careers. And in the bank, the job is always evolving, which keeps me always on my toes !

The pleasure which Eric takes in his job must be infectious, because he even has clients from down in the valley who come up to Les Diablerets to do their banking, on their way to Gstaad or Saanen. Clients love employees who love their job !

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Translation : Gordon Douglas