J’aime mon métier

J’aime mon métier est une exposition blablabla

Ami Ami Nicollier, locksmith Ami was born on the 1st of May 1921 in Les Aviolats, near Vers-l’Église. After his apprenticeship as a locksmith in Lausanne, he was able to buy aread the end

Christian et Bente Christian and Bente, estate agents Why didn’t you come with your wife to tell me why you love your job? Unfortunately she is busy with clients at… read the end

Dirk et Mady Dirk and Mady Krauter, restaurateurs It’s the career of my choice : it’s something I have inside me, and I have been doing it with all my… read the end

Eric F Eric Fontana, bank clerk Why do you work for a bank and what led you to this career ? It’s partly through family tradition : my mother and two uncles… read the end

Gerard et Yoann Gérard and Yoann Huck, carpenters First, the father : Gérard, why this career ? I was six when, with my mother, I used to walk past a… read the end

Gladys Gladys Robert, sommelière Both my father and mother were in this trade – in France, where I come from. That’s all I saw : it was my «milieu». After obtaining the baccalaureate in… read the end

Isa Isabelle Fontana, sports shop manageress I did my apprenticeship with Jacky Peretten in his shop in Les Diablerets, quite a long time ago. I adore contact with people, advising them and giving them… read the end

Jean-Claude Jean-Claude Roch, permanent wildlife warden I’ve always liked to watch the snow fall, but I am very happy to see it melt, to witness nature coming alive again, and to hear the morning… read the end

Jean-François et Muriel Berruex, farmers and cheese-maker So, Jean-François, you didn’t become a policeman or a postman ? I perhaps could have done, but thanks to the construction of the Col… read the end

Jean-Maurice Jean-Maurice Chevalley, architect I’ve a vague idea why a career which combines artistic, technical and human qualities can be appealing, but each individual can have a different motivation for becoming an architect. What’sread the end

Lars Lars Theiler, mountain guide I’ve always been attracted to making a livelihood in the mountains, but to become a mountain guide you must have either the Baccalaureate or be in possession of what… read the end

Lilliane Nicolier, ski teacher I started skiing when I was three and it has always been my passion. Later, I took part in minor competitions, then more important ones, eventually as… read the end

Lucien Anker, pharmacist When I was four or five we used to live in Bulle. My mother worked in a pharmacy. I was very afraid of thunderstorms. I used to see… read the end

Lucien Morerod Lucien Morerod, dairyman and cheese retailer Why are you a dairyman and cheese-seller ? It was watching my father make cheese that made me want to do an apprenticeship in… read the end

Marc Marc Rossier, pastor I shouldn’t ask you the question, but I will even so : do you like your work ? Certain aspects of my career are really fulfilling, but others are hard.… read the end

Marino Marino Frei, electronics and computer expert I’ve always loved technology, electricity, telecommunications and, more recently, computers and computer science. And I’ve always liked technical subjects. Looking at people in offices, shuffling paper and… read the end

Mary-Claude Mary-Claude Busset, curator of the Museum des Ormonts in Vers-l’Église I chose to study history and the history of art, as they’re the subjects which have interested me since I was very small.… read the end

Mary-Claude G Mary-Claude Grobéty, beautician My first experience with beauty treatment happened when I was fourteen. A friend who was in training tried to dye my eyelashes and some of the dye… read the end

Nadine Arena, tourism specialist After Business School and a year at a School for Tourism, I began, ten years ago, to work full-time at the Diablerets Tourist Office, welcoming our dear… read the end

Naike Naïké Wider, pastry chef So, Naïké, why did you become a pastry chef ? At school, for many years, I really liked a boy who wanted to become a pastry chef. So I… read the end

Philippe F Philippe Fontana, caretaker Why do you like this career ? Because, although being paid by the Commune of Ormonts-Dessus, I am completely independent in the organisation of my work. Becauseread the end

Raymond Raymond Nicollier, electrician and electronics engineer So, Monsieur Nicollier, do you like your trade ? Yes, I love it, but it’s buggered up ! I’ve always been attracted to electronics and so it… read the end

Reto Reto Terzi, mason Arriving halfway to Le Droutsay, I’m welcomed by three ducks on the edge of one of three of Reto’s ponds, Even if this hefty man has a little building business,read the end

Stephan Stephan Vouillamoz, painter and plasterer Stephan, why do you like this profession ? My profession, I love it ; but I’ve come to love it over time. After leaving the last school classes… read the end

Sunny Borloz, confidante and companion By what portent did Sunny, after an apprenticeship as a designer-surveyor, gradually take on the task of looking after an elderly couple, and then just theread the end

Thomas Thomas Schmidt What is your job, Thomas? My job does not exist yet. I am in the process of creating it. Before you speak about your job that does not exist yet, whatread the end

Klaus, Bernard and Stéphane Wartner, hoteliers I could also have added Anne, Klaus’s wife, and Alexandra, Stéphane’s wife, as they all work together. Klaus is a third-generation hotelier while Bernard andread the end