Raymond Nicollier


Raymond Nicollier, electrician and electronics engineer

So, Monsieur Nicollier, do you like your trade ?

Yes, I love it, but it’s buggered up !

I’ve always been attracted to electronics and so it was completely natural for me to find myself repairing, selling and installing all sorts of appliances and electronic devices. I love to instal all types of audio-visual systems, and to research the best solution for my customers and the best for me to instal. But I do fewer and fewer repairs, as they often cost too much. You can no longer obtain spares, and these days people would rather buy new than repair. I think that a part of this profession has had it. One has to be able to adapt to survive. Customers these days buy in hypermarkets.

Even so, I manage to get by and I love what I do.

It’s a pity that some people have not yet understood the advantage of being able to rely on a local electrical installer and repairer. Let’s never forget that a single franc which circulates amongst the various businesses in the region generates income for the whole community !

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Translation : Gordon Douglas