Reto Terzi


Reto Terzi, mason

Arriving halfway to Le Droutsay, I’m welcomed by three ducks on the edge of one of three of Reto’s ponds, Even if this hefty man has a little building business, he is, since he was very small, close to nature and close to wildlife. He would have liked to become a game warden, but when there are only eight for the whole canton, it’s difficult to find a vacancy. Having many strings to his bow, he has always been building things, so it was natural that he became a builder.

I’ve always wanted, since I was small, to build my own house.

But I didn’t need to construct it, because it was already here.

It’s difficult to construct ouside the building zones, and even to modernise and improve. The authorities are not always very sensitive to the life of the local people. However, Reto has converted the building, in spite of everything, to try to accommodate his sizeable family.

One can sense his love of work, with the aim of creating the ideal environment for them. It’s also, we could say, an example of J’AIME MON METIER !

And the pleasure of creating his environment out of all the pieces : ponds where enormous trout live alongside goldfish and arctic char, terraces and supporting walls without end, a terrier for the rabbit and nesting boxes for the ducks.

Once upon a time, when I shot my first deer, I wept while dismembering it. I’ve now given away my shotgun and bought a camera with a telephoto lens. Sometimes I accompany the wildlife warden when he makes his observations.

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Translation : Gordon Douglas